Part I. Introduction: Teaching and Learning


1.1 Studying Gender and Violence

Objectives of research * Attitudinal history and other essential concepts * Previous studies and sources


1.2 Historical Roots of Topical Issues

Ineludible patriarchy * From women’s rights to human rights and feminism * On the prevalence and dynamics of gender-based violence


Part II. Spousal Trouble: Fighting Like Cats and Dogs


2.1 Gendering Marital Disputes

Mirror of affection: mutual duties * To love and fear your husband * Masculine norms of violence and aggression


2.2 Domestic Discipline or Crimes of Violence?

The power to protect * Between excessive and appropriate chastisement * Legitimizing spousal power relations * Punishable tyranny


2.3 Women’s Aggression against Men

First there was nagging * Female devil in the wrong trousers * Inverted perpetrators and victims


2.4 Dissolving, Annulling or Preserving a Marriage

Strategies of guilt * Aiming at harmony * The slippery slopes of intimate-partner violence


Part III. Sexual Trouble: Her will and His


3.1 Daughters, Wives and Mothers

Obedience or agency? * The double standards of chastity * Knowing your place


3.2 Fathers, Brothers and Husbands

Be in control or be ashamed * The virile subject * Challenging toxic masculinity


3.3 Rape and Hierarchies of Victimhood

Ravished and taken * Who deserved legal protection? * Deep-rooted rape culture


3.4 Invisible Sexualized Violence

One spouse takes, the other one gives * Elements of intimacy and violence * Sexualized rhetoric and slander


Epilogue: Breaking Down Structures of Violence


Appendix: Mental Exercises







Table of Contents