Teaching (Lidman): Domestic Violence Contextualised, a joint course for visiting and local law students. The course is combined with an annual international symposium, held at the University of Turku Faculty of Law.  For more information please see curricula guide.


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Combating violence against children and youth – an interdisciplinary symposium at the University of Turku Faculty of Law


Venue and schedule: Arcanuminkuja 4 (Auditorio Arc1), Tuesday 27th of March 2018, at 12–5 pm


Costs and registration: Free participation, coffee included. Register here by March the 20th


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The goal of anti-violence work is, without doubt, to combat and end all violence. However, as interpersonal violence is a complex phenomenon taking various forms, it cannot be dealt with an all-encompassing action model. Due to the Istanbul Convention ratifications in Europe, domestic violence and violence against women have recently been discussed more intensively. Accordingly, some societal and legal improvements have taken place. Compared to previous times there is a better understanding of how diverse forms of physical and sexual violence and control are interlinked. Also the awareness of violence against women and violence against men being not symmetrical but rather divergent phenomena is rising.


Despite of these positive developments there are, of course, still numerous problems to be dealt with. One of them certainly is the too little attention given to violence against children and youth. Not only do violence against girls and boys deserve to be placed into the context of gender, but simultaneously the meaning of age and the related dependence of minors on adults have to be considered as starting points of the intersectional analyses. The symposium brings together experts in various fields to discuss the special features and issues of violence against minors in the Nordic countries.




12.15 pm Welcoming words

Satu Lidman & Tuuli Hong (University of Turku Faculty of Law)


12.30 pm Lecture 1

Tuomas Kurttila (Finland’s Ombudsman for Children): What do we know about violence against minors based on the School Health Promotion (SHP) study?


1.15 pm Lecture 2

Niina Antunovic (psychotherapist, crises worker at MONIKA multicultural women's association): Forced marriage in Finland


2.00–2.30 pm Coffee break


2.30 pm Lecture 3

Anja Bredal (Norwegian Social Research, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences): Victim or perpetrator? Boys and young men in patriarchal families


3.15 pm Short break


3.30 pm Comments


3.45 pm Panel discussion

Kurttila – Bredal – Antunovic – and researcher Anu Isotalo (University of Turku Faculty of Law)


5.00 pm Day ends


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